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Loophole in State Law Makes Temporary Car Tags Untraceable for Police

I have been an advocate for state and federal motorcycle safety and right issues for over ten years. Because of my experience I was able to work with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association to help close a loop hole for all South Carolina residents. If I am elected I will continue to work on important issues like this.

I originally wanted to work with Representative Chris Hart on this issue but due to no response from him I was fortunate to have Senator Larry Grooms from District 37 Berkeley County introduce this very important bill S1083 which was signed into law by Governor Henry McMaster on May 15th, 2018.

News video link HERE. Story HERE.


I have to admit this is one crisis, I along with everyone else, was not planning for nor could foresee. I still remember hearing the news that the plant would not move forward and thinking of all the lost jobs and money. After all, I spent nearly 10 years working nuclear waste in the early 1990s, and it was the reason for my relocation here from Arizona in 1998. I know the impact this news has on the nuclear workers and also know there is always a pricetag to pay for mothballing a plant, even if it never had fuel loaded into it.

To add to the issue, none of us were aware of the agreement that the General Assembly had signed into law called the “Base Load Review Act”, which guarantees payment by us, the ratepayers, even if this project fails. This includes a margin of profit, which just adds to my feeling that the solution is not easy when the legislators that voted for the “Base Load Review Act” are still making decisions. I have to ask why? [... read more ...]

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