Richland County Neighborhood Improvement Program Block Party

I attended the Richland County Neighborhood Block Party on June 28, 2018, and got a chance to meet many of our community leaders showing off their hard work for the year. One of the things I learned was that each neighborhood association had very dedicated leaders, and I was really impressed with what they all were doing.
Part of the purpose of this block party was for each community to show what they did this year with the Neighborhood Improvement Program grants. This program can award up to $1,500 annually per neighborhood organization. Each organization must provide a match for the money awarded, but this can be done in the form of volunteer hours, cash, or in-kind donations.

I personally think this is a great benefit for our community and will be attending more meetings that Richland County provides on this important program. Here is a link to the Richland County website where you can read all about it:

Richland County Neighborhood Matching Grants Program:

Richland County Neighborhood Coordinator, Cheryl Johnson: (803) 576-2194 or e-mail at johnson [dot] cheryl [at] richlandcountysc [dot] gov

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Ralph with Ms. McGriffin, Pine Grove Rosenwald School  Ralph with Blane Bryant