Cedar Creek Back to School Bash

I had the pleasure of attending a "Back to School Bash" that was held at the Upper Richland Community Center on August 4, 2018. The center was full of kids and their parents with many activities for them to enjoy. I spent some time talking with Ms. Lou about this event, and she explained how she has been doing this for over fourteen years! Of course she has had many volunteers over the years, and I did not get a chance to get all their names. I was also impressed with the Richland County Parks and Recreation staff that made sure the room was open and fully staffed for this event.

Each child received a bookbag that, depending on the grade, was filled with the items they will need for the school year. This year they had over 150 bookbags to give away. There was also face painting and free food, all of which was donated or purchased. Ms. Lou said Humana Healthcare, Fairfield Electric, and Sheriff Leon Lott help her every year.

Ms. Lou makes every effort to get the word out, and it is great to see the community come together for the kids. Since many of the senior citizens attended, she had door prizes for them at the end so everyone gets to participate.

Cedar Creek Back to School Bash - Door Prizes  Cedar Creek Back to School Bash - Face Painting

Cedar Creek Back to School Bash

Ms. Lou at Cedar Creek Back to School Bash  Cedar Creek Back to School Bash Volunteers  Cedar Creek Back to School Bash - High School Bag