Our Home

I wanted to take a moment and brag about our home. Back in 2001, my wife Stephanie and I were looking for a house where we could raise our kids. We had grown to love the Harbison area because of its diversity and planning. Someone once told me that you could go from apartment, condo, townhome, single family house, and retirement housing all in the same block. We also loved the paths and parks.

We had spent several weeks looking around the Columbia area but no place seemed to click. Then one afternoon Stephanie called me and said she found a nice house that was part of the original Harbison Development. We drove by after work to see the “For Sale” sign in the front yard and spent the next several weeks negotiating the price. It was settled with just one issue. The seller decided they were going to take the stove and we had originally been told it was part of the deal. We told the realtor that we wanted the stove or we would have to look for another house. That night I remember looking at Stephanie and we both wondered if losing the house we wanted so much was worth the issue with the stove. Somehow we stuck to what we felt was right and several days later the seller agreed.

Over the last seventeen years, we have raised our family and several pets in our home. We have also remodeled it many times, not sure if Lowe's and Home Depot stayed open because of us. We have cherished this house, and we now enjoy spending time together with our grandson in the backyard sandbox. Like many of us here in District 73, this is our home and we will be staying here for a long time.

We all want a safe place to call home.

Ralph and Stephanie Bell